Sunday, November 04, 2007

Am I Dead Yet?

The Husband and I have been living in the Duckling House of Consumption and Cholera for several days now. We both contracted minor colds in the past couple of weeks, but as is depressingly usual, mine turned into days of wheezing, coughing, snoring, and exhaustion. After about 24 hours of fitful, sweaty sleep, I crawled out of bed on Thursday evening finally feeling better.

That "feeling better" thing was terribly short lived, as I was stricken with some - let's just say, rather unpleasant - manner of gastrointestinal distress almost immediately upon consuming a small snack of cheese and crackers. Unfortunately, misery does love company, and The Husband began horking his guts out Friday night.

I've not eaten anything other than some soon to be regurgitated crackers since Thursday. The Husband seems to be tolerating solid food significantly more successfully. As long as I don't eat anything at all, I feel OK. How long do you think I can live on ice water, Gatorade, and vegetable broth?

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Becky said...

Dude, that sucks. :(
You should try drinking Pedialyte (the liquid they give to small children with the runs) or its generic equivalent instead of Gatorade. It really helped me when I was busy with the food poisoning.
And, if you need me to bring you stuff, let me know.
Also, think of the weight you'll lose with all this. I lost about 3 pounds in 24 hours!
Well-wishes to you.