Thursday, November 22, 2007

House guest

This is my dog-in-law, Xena: Dogular Princess.

Or maybe Xena: Warrior Dogcess. I don't know. I didn't name her.

Anyway, this goofy girl is staying with us for the Thanksgiving holiday while my pop-in-law and his attractive and sophisticated wife head out of town. She's sweet and all, but she certainly hasn't affected my extreme prejudice in favor of animals of the cat persuasion.

She keeps sticking her head in my crotch and breathing on me with her hot dog breath, and she's way too big to curl up in my lap. It is fun to take her for a walk, though. Dizzy Wizzy Kitty never really leaves the house. Sometimes I carry her around in the yard or let her walk around the fenced back yard while I follow about three feet behind her.

Dizzy and Xena do NOT get along. Xena very much wants to smooch or possibly swallow Dizzy, and Dizzy very much wants to kill Xena. I'm glad our house has lots of doors. We've created the Dizzy zone and the Xena zone.

Although cats have the reputation for being aloof and independent, Xena is much more self-sufficient than Dizzy. Last night Xena actually put herself to bed. Around 10:30 she went in her kennel and laid down. The Husband gave her a treat and closed the door, and we didn't hear another peep out of her.

Dizzy, on the other hand, stomps around meowing until I lie down in the bed. Then she crawls on me all night. It must have been particularly cold last night because I woke up with Dizzy sleeping half on my neck and half on my face. Later she pushed all the blankets off of me with her nose because she was trying to burrow under them. Meanwhile the dog was soundly (and quietly) sleeping in her own room in her own bed.

I wouldn't trade my Dizzy Wizzy Kitty for the world, though.

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