Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Drugs Are Bad, mmKay?

I had my doctor appointment today to make I sure I didn't break my brain. She confirmed that the Lexapro withdrawal probably is making me a little bonkers, and although I really shouldn't have quit taking it all of a sudden, the damage won't be permanent. Unfortunately, another side effect I didn't anticipate is that my blood pressure is now really high. It's not like, internal-organ-blow-out high, but it probably explains the headache and dizziness.

And, get a load of this! Walgreens called me today to tell me my refill is ready - my refill of Lexapro they told me they didn't have, which started this whole pharmaceutical fiasco. Walgreens can suck my butt.

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greeneagles said...

Be careful. That last line might involve getting a rash that then might require more drugs so that you can get rid of it. Giving your newfound butt sucking relationship with Walgreens, you might then have to go to CVS to get your script filled. Who knows what they would screw up on. Better the devil known.