Monday, November 12, 2007

Unmedicated Duckling

So, I made it to Austin with a bunch of wet underpants, but in my effort to correctly transport my liquids and gels, I forgot all about packing my non-liquids and gels, including my toothbrush. I cleaned my teeth with a washcloth this morning. Fortunately the hotel gift shop sells toothbrushes, and I was able to attend to my dental hygiene during the lunch break.

More distressingly, I also left behind all my medication: birth control, my crazy pills, and the antibiotics, as well as the more elective drugs such as the muscle relaxers for my neck. I'm really worried about going cold turkey off the Lexapro for two days, but I have skipped one day before without any noticeable effects. I'm not too concerned about missing a couple of days of birth control since I'm minus The Husband while I'm out of town. And, as long as a super-bug doesn't overcome my immune system before Wednesday, I should be OK without the antibiotics.

Mostly, I'm really annoyed at this pattern of stupidity. Up until recently I have been able to do laundry and pack my own luggage with a nearly 100% rate of success. It's like my brain went on vacation and didn't invite me. Am I getting old? Am I over medicated? Is all that tequila finally catching up with me? I'm not sure I really want to know.

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fictionfiend said...

Lexapro, and pretty much all anti-depressants, takes 2 weeks to completely leave your system, so missing 2 days is no big deal.
Trust me, I am well-acquainted with teh crazy pills.
I have forgotten to take mine several days in the past few weeks and I have been fine.
The falling down and the brain damage I can't help you with. :)