Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Outrage!

I just tried to order a margarita with my lunch and was told the bar is closed! Did you ever hear of such an absurd thing? It is the middle of the day, and I'm stuck in a hotel for the next two hours. I should be drunk.

Originally, I was supposed to leave yesterday evening, but I ensickened my boss with my strep infection, and she wasn't able to come to Austin today to take care of some administration with state funding. She asked me to stick around to substitute for her, but the meeting got done several hours early.

I was really looking forward to taunting the internet with the fact I was sipping margaritas at noon on a Wednesday, but this stupid hotel thwarted me. You can bet if I was at the airport right now, I wouldn't be having this problem. Last time I was at an airport bar in the middle of the day, I ordered a gin and tonic and then had to request extra tonic because the gin fumes alone were curling my eyelashes.

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