Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eleven Years Old

This weekend The Husband and I spent several hours hanging out with Serenity Springs' offspring. He is eleven years old, totally awesome, and a complete spaz in the very best way possible. During our evening of excellent funness, we:

Played video games
Watched The Simpsons
Ate quesadillas
Played Monopoly
Splashed around in the hot tub (Bonus awesome points to The Offspring for figuring out how to make the hot tub lights flash in a disco-party type fashion. Also, he is the first guest in our house who has even been willing to get in the hot tub)
Played Outburst
Played Moods (which was really weird because that's the game I usually make everyone play when I'm drunk)
Played Twister (Jeez! I am way too old and decrepit to be doing that.)
Ate cupcakes
Played Jenga

Evidently we are tons of fun and awesome ourselves because we virtually had to throw him forcibly out the door when his folks came to pick him up.

Thanks, Holly, for trusting us with your kid and saving me from having to give birth to my own. I hope you'll let us borrow him from time to time when we need a little spaztastic fun time in our lazy grown up lives.


SerenitySprings said...

Sweet! We totally have you fooled!

I text messaged him from the venue to say we were on our way to pick him up and his response was, "Take your time."

He is a total spaz, isn't he!

Dave-o-ramA said...

Heh. He's a lil' freak, in'e?