Monday, November 12, 2007

Laundry Disability

For some reason, I can not successfully manage my laundry. Sometimes I wash a load but neglect to put it in the dryer, resulting in scorched panties in the microwave. Other times I put laundry in the dryer but forget to actually turn the dryer on. I recently attended a doctor's appointment wearing The Husband's pants because every single pair of pants I owned were soaking wet, and they're too big to stick in the microwave.

My biggest challenge seems to be in operating the washing machine. Nine times out of ten I load the clothes, turn on the water, add detergent, and walk away, overlooking the all-important step of closing the lid. I'm sure once I complete the laundry, my clothes are exceptionally clean because they usually spend at least an hour soaking before I realize the washing machine is strangely quiet.

However, when I have a plane to catch, the thoroughness of the soaking is not as important as actually having clean clothes to put on my body to make it out the door on time, which is why I ended up wearing clammy, soggy jeans on my plane ride to Austin while toting a suitcase full of damp panties.

The damp panties ended up not being as bad as what did NOT make it into my suitcase, but I'll have to gripe about that later.

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