Sunday, December 28, 2008

TBR Challenge: The Golden Compass, So Far

(Some degree of spoiler to follow...)

I'm about half way through The Golden Compass, which turns out to be about the brutal psychological mutilation of children. I was choking on tears trying to fall asleep last night while thinking about this little boy in the book pathetically clutching a dried fish to his chest as it was all he had in the world to comfort himself.

This may be imaginary torture done to imaginary children, which wouldn't even be possible in real life, but emotionally bereft little orphans don't make for the most enjoyable reading in my opinion.

At this point I'm only reading to get to the part where the people perpetrating these atrocities are made to suffer until they weep with regret for what they've done before they die a painful death. At least that's how I'm hoping it will end.


Traivor said...

Don't you have to get through 2 more books for that happy ending?

Holly said...

it's kind of weird how dark kids movies have become. i remember happy movies about finding lost dogs and such. i watched pan's labrynth a while back and iw as like "really? did she actually die?" if i were a kid that would have messed me up!