Friday, February 01, 2008

Random Photo Friday: Small Rodent Edition

Random Photo Friday is becoming more of an occasional series than a weekly one, but it's still fun when I remember it.

Anyway, this, quite simply, is a squirrel.*

Here is a closer look at that squirrel.

Cute, huh?

I took this photo during a trip to Ohio to see the bay-bee. (Hey, all the photos on the post are gone! Darn The Husband must have changed his website around where they were hosted. I'll get right on fixing that.)

This squirrel is special because it's black! Instead of brown! So of course I had to follow it around for half an hour trying to take its picture. Aren't you glad I did?

*I wonder if it is possible to write a grammatically accurate, correctly punctuated sentence with commas between every word?