Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ireland: Day Oh So Long Ago

So I get this serious urge to revive the old blog, and then I find myself completely blocked. What's up with that? Anyway, I thought I'd pull a post out of the way back basket and wrap up the Ireland epic. Maybe I can finish it up during the same calendar year we actually took the trip.

Day Whatever-It-Is-Now began with a visit to Newgrange, one of the prehistoric passage tombs in County Meath.

Photos inside the tomb were forbidden, but I nabbed some off the Super Web.

On the winter solstice, the sun streams into a small opening just above the door and floods the heart of the tomb with light for the only time all year.

Next we drove into Dublin and, due to a total failure of modern communication technology, lost half our traveling party. We didn't have much time before we were due to catch a plane for Liverpool, so we decided to maximize our sightseeing minutes and seconds by taking a bus tour of the city and worry about catching up with everyone else at the airport. Unfortunately, the only visual representation of this portion of our journey is a bunch of blurry photos of dimly remembered churches and civic structures half obscured by trees and light posts. So, never mind about that.

Next! On to Liverpool.

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KCB said...

What a gorgeous place, and what an impressive feat of math and engineering to line up the tomb that way.

Being from Texas (the land of dormant brown grass) I'm always stunned when I see green vegetation growing without sprinklers.