Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wayworn chose a very appropriate word to add to my vocabulary yesterday.
Word of the Day for Wednesday, August 1, 2007

wayworn \WAY-worn\, adjective:

Wearied by traveling.
This trip is seriously wearing me out. I'm so excited to see EVERYTHING! that I forget to stop for lunch. My feet are covered with blisters. The weather is not helping either. When I saw that the forecast called for highs in the 80s I thought I would enjoy a nice respite from Texas in August - except that the humidity is approximately 6378%. As soon as I go outside I am soaked with sweat. However, this city is beautiful and fascinating, and I wish I had weeks more to spend here.

Here's another photo dump. I promise I do intend to write more actual words at some point, but see the preceding paragraph re: exhaustion.

Yesterday's trip to Asakusa:

Shopping on the Nakamise-dori

Asahi Beer Hall - described by the guidebook as "looking for all the world like a sperm about to dive into the Sumida River."

Kaminarimon Gate

Hozo-Mon (Treasure House Gate)

Five-story Pagoda

Sensoji Temple

Worshippers "wash" themselves with the smoke from the temple's incense burners to ward off illness.

Asakusa Jinja Shrine

People can get their fortunes at the different shrines and temples, but if they don't like the fortunes they get, they can tie them to a bush or the wires provided and cancel them out.

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