Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tidbits of Tokyo

Here are some of the random little things I snapped pictures of because I thought they were interesting or funny, but didn't really fit into posts about sightseeing.

1. Most restaurants have extraordinarily realistic plastics replicas of the food they serve displayed out front. It comes in very handy when trying to decide where to eat and the menus, and even the names of the restaurants, are indecipherable to an ignorant monolingual such as myself.

2. These scary-ass ravens are all over the city in all the parks screaming their scary-ass heads off.

3. One can purchase some very specific divine assistance at some of the temples.

4. The subway station near our hotel occasionally turned on a bunch of black lights to reveal constellations painted on the ceiling. Trippy.

5. These funny little frogs were perched on top of a police station in Ginza. I have no idea why.

6. For some reason one of the super-mega-tron T.V. screens was broadcasting a giant squirrel on a crowded intersection.

7. These toys were left on a grave site at one of the temples I visited. Not so much funny or interesting as really depressing.

8. Dogs are not allowed to shit in cemeteries.

9. Yes, love is warm and friendly, but clean and handy?

10. My favorite Japanese snack.

11. Oh, please do tell me how to sex.

12. Many various toileting options are available. This is just the lame-ass model from our hotel room. At one restaurant the toilet offered a special lady-parts washing feature and a button that mimicked the sound of flushing, as well as many other buttons that only had Japanese written on them and no handy pictures.

13. I had no idea that "zen" is a verb, but I'm not about to argue with the Japanese about it.


-S- said...

Don't you mean the "lame ass-model" RDRR.

The fancy one in the restaurant also had a lighted bowl. I don't really want to imagine what the purpose of that was.

BTW, the Bidet function on the toilet in the hotel is for cleaning lady parts. The button is has a pink border, the person has long hair, and it is consistent with convention on Japanese toilets. As to the effectiveness of this function, I can not comment.

UnrulyDuckling said...

The bidet function was very poor for cleaning lady parts. It did not come close to its intended target.