Monday, August 06, 2007

I Gotta be at Work in Less Than Eight Hours

The Husband and I got home late Saturday evening and spent a couple of hours watching Reno 911 and eating take-out from Picasso's. I would like to offer in the first of a series of "Things That Are Awesome" Picasso's Pizza & Grill. If you live in Addison or East Dallas and you like good food, but hate to cook, call Picasso's. They have delicious salads, pasta, pizza, burgers, seafood, steak - all sorts of yummy stuff - and they bring it to your house. Check it out.

Anyway - I had a terrible problem caused by the plane trip each way to Tokyo. My ankles swelled up to at least twice their normal size. On the way there, I think I got up once during the whole 10-hour flight, so I figured that my ankle deformity was caused by inactivity. But, on the way back, I did everything I could think of to avoid the disgustingness. Actually, it looked gross, but it also really hurt. My skin felt like it would split, and my whole legs were swollen and stiff.

On the trip back I got up several times and did exercises and stretches in the aisle. I would even go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet lid and prop my feet up against the wall to elevate them above my head for a couple of minutes at a time. But when I got home my ankles were as big around as my knees. I've flown non-stop to Europe before and never had this issue, but just an hour or two into the flight home from Tokyo I could feel my ankles getting stiff and swollen. Very gross.

Anyway - I didn't get up until 4 p.m. on Sunday. I was just so comfortable that I couldn't drag myself out of bed. Second in my series of "Things That Are Awesome" is the Memory Foam 2-inch Mattress Topper. They also make a 4-inch version, but I don't think I'd ever - and I mean ever - make it out of bed if we had the 4-inch version. Seriously, if you like lying in bed at all, run out and buy this thing. Total heaven!

Anyway - I've been reading blogs and watching TV all evening, and I'm not the least bit sleepy even though I have to be up in five hours. In an effort to sedate myself I've had an entire bottle of Pinot Grigio by Zenato (also awesome, by the way - $11.99 at Central Market). 6 a.m. is going to come awfully early.


-S- said...

Re: Mattress topper - if you have a king size bed, get the California king as the regular one tends to be a little short.

Anonymous said...

ah Picasso's is amazingness. So yummy. My roomies and I used to always go there, and we ordered take-out recently from the one by you. Mm. Yum.

As for the swollenness- it could be your medicine.? My mom has a lot of issues with getting swollen in strange situations, I wonder if it's a reaction to just being in a new atmosphere? Hm.

Hope work goes well!