Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pro-Pirate Mystery Magneteer Strikes Again

I walk down to my car in the parking garage last night and discover this.

I have to admit I'm pretty stumped by this particular caper. I took The Husband to the airport on Saturday morning, and I'm pretty sure the magnet wasn't there then. The car stayed in the garage all weekend until I went to work on Monday, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't there then either. (I don't have the best powers of observation. I'm sure it's because I'm so deep and intellectual and shit that I don't notice normal boring things.) Then the car was in the parking garage at work all day before I discovered it.

Should I be creeped out or was my car proclaiming its support of piracy all along, and I just didn't notice? Is the covert magnet-sticker-onner way sneakier than I gave him/her/it credit for?

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Dave-o-ramA said...

Hogan and Dunkirk tunnelled into your parking garage while Gen Berkholter and Col. Klink were playing poker.