Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fun With Road Rage

I'm driving home from work just a few minutes ago. Traffic is kind of stop-and-go, so when this guy wants to merge in front of me, I slow down and let him in. I can see his face framed perfectly in his side view mirror, and he is cussing me out. Which is understandable since I'm the nasty bitch who just slowed down and let him in.

His tantrum is so ridiculous that I just can't take him seriously, so I grin really wide at him and give him a big friendly wave. This turns him from pissy little dickhole into absolutely enraged dickhole. He sticks his hand out the window and flips me off, so I give him two big thumbs up. He's still ranting at me, so I grin again and give him the "OK" sign.

At this point he just loses it and flings this water bottle out the window. Which kind of scares me because littering is, like, so intimidating. Of course I start obviously cracking up, so he can't take it anymore, changes lanes, and zooms away - in what I'm sure was an impressively threatening manor.

I had no idea jackasses could be so much fun.


-S- said...

Remember to always check for NRA stickers before taunting the road-rage jackasses.

UnrulyDuckling said...

I know it can be a tricky business identifying the armed crazies on sight, but he looked way more like a frat boy than a good ol' boy.