Sunday, July 08, 2007

Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk

On a hot tip from Sealegs I decided to call myself a Wingman after enjoying a wee bit too much wine on Friday night (and much of what was technically Saturday morning). It was extremely awesome, but I certainly paid for the privilege of such awesomeness. They charged $65 for a 15 mile ride - a little more than twice what a cab would have cost. However, I did pay an extra fee for being a short ways out of their service area. Also, after looking at their website today I realized they picked me up after the posted hours of service, so they may have charged me extra for that, too.

It's a great service, however, and under more favorable circumstances it would have been much more affordable. They picked me up within 20 minutes of my request, politely responded to my drunken small talk, and deposited me and my car safely at home at 4 a.m.

Unfortunately, I did not get to witness the fold-up moped action since I needed a ride from the vast, uncharted wasteland of North Dallas, which was too far away for them to speed over on the moped. Instead two Wingmen showed up in a car, and one guy drove my car while the other one followed.

Final verdict - more expensive than a cab, but it's so convenient to have your car the next day, it's probably worth it, especially for shorter trips that don't accumulate extra fees.

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sealegs said...

Awesome! I'm really sad the moped wasn't in action, though. Glad you and your car got home safely.