Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh, So This Is Why People Move to the Suburbs

From our neighborhood association's email list:
Many of you having been emailing me asking about the helicopters and police in the neighborhood and surrounding areas today. What I know is this:

Earlier today the bank inside the Tom Thumb was robbed. The man claimed to have a bomb, but it was later determined he did not. He escaped into the woods around our neighborhood. The police brought out the search dogs and helicopter to canvas the area. Channel 11 had a crew on site and reported at 6pm that the man had not yet been caught, but that the police believed he was still in the area. They were also searching the DART train station. Our neighborhood is the path he would have taken to reach the DART station from Tom Thumb, so that explains why some of you had police and dogs in your back yards. I am sure that by the 10:00 news all stations will be reporting on it, but channel 11 was the only station I saw on site, so you might want to watch tonight to get a more updated report.

PLEASE take this as an excellent example of why we need to keep our doors locked and garages closed, even in the middle of the day. We live in a quiet little neighborhood that happens to sit in the middle of a very urban area that will inevitably have crimes take place in it. We cannot prevent these types of crimes from happening, but we can make the job of the police a lot easier when we make our neighborhood very uninviting to the criminals.

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