Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Please Tell Me It's Satire Day on the Internet

Do people seriously believe things like this?
.... flaunts cleavage

Or are you going to say that "flaunts" is too active a verb? She has cleavage. Just happens to have it. Just happens to wear a top that happens to be low enough that you can see it if you happen to have eyes. Just happens to wear it to the Senate floor to give a speech about the cost of education. Are you going to say that we ought to be giving attention to the content of that speech and not to the presentation of the woman who would be President?
Or this?
Linda Carroll, 59, who lives in Crystal Springs, Miss., and works at an assembly plant, said she supported Bill Clinton and admired Mrs. Clinton for standing by her husband through their marital problems. But Ms. Carroll said she was “not ready for a lady president.”

“I’m not for this women’s lib stuff,” she said.
Yeah, we've come a long frickin' way, baby.


Dave-o-ramA said...

I'm not ready for that particular lady to be president. Frankly, I'd be far happier with, well, never mind. Right now I don't think I'm too excited about any of the female candidates I can think of, but out of political disagreements more than fear of a menstrual planet.

The problem is very much not one of gender, but the general suckitude of the current big-party offerings. I guess I find Obama, Richardson, and Paul to be least offensive, but they've all got some massive black marks in my book.

As for a having to choose between Clinton, Edwards, Romney, or Jiuliani, I think I'd have to just write in Tom Paine or some such. I trust those four about as far as I can comfortably spit a rat.

UnrulyDuckling said...

Yeah, but how do you feel about "this women's lib stuff?"

Dave-o-ramA said...

Meh. I'm a libertarian. I'm for tellin' whoever tells you not to do something to go stick it.

SerenitySprings said...

I'm all for "this women's lib stuff." Which is why I still haven't personally made mac-n-cheese for *somebody*.

-S- said...

If Obama wore that outfit on the Senate floor, I think that I would have a hard time taking him seriously.

UnrulyDuckling said...

-S-, that's the real injustice here - that male candidates aren't free to wear pink blazers without shame and ridicule.

But, I seriously do think gender differences in appropriate clothing is silly. I wish we could all just wear colorful robes like the Polyphonic Spree.