Wednesday, September 17, 2003

More stuff we looked at

This is a very interesting landmark because it does not seem to serve any actual purpose as far as [The Boyfriend] and I can tell:

La Grande Arche de la Defense


It is just an enormous, empty, white, square building. Notre Dame could fit inside of it, but it doesn't seem to commemorate anyone or anything. No events or business seem to take place inside of it. If anyone else knows, tell me what the deal is.

Speaking of Notre Dame... One of the coolest things so far was going up inside the tower at Notre Dame. We got to see the huge bell that they ring and close-ups of cool gargoyles like this:

Although to be completely accurate they're called chimeras if they are solely decorative.

Another exciting event; [The Boyfriend] and I found a Tex-Mex restaurant to eat at. It had killer Margaritas - very strong and all fresh ingredients. Their nachos were great, too. It was called Indiana Cafe. I don't know how they got the idea that Indiana has anything to do with Tex-Mex. Here's their website if you're curious about French Tex-Mex:


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