Friday, September 19, 2003

Creepiest Tourist Attraction Ever!!!

Today we went to see the catacombs where there are tons and tons of people buried. According to one tour guide, three times the number of people currently living in Paris are buried there.

So, we're walking, and walking, and walking through these underground tunnels, and I'm thinking this is the biggest waste of time so far. Then we came to a doorway above which was written in French: Stop, you are entering the empire of the dead! When we walked through the door I was horrified. Stacks and stacks of bones lined all the walls. There were layers of skulls among the bones looking at us. Some of the skulls were arranged in crosses or arches. We probably walked for about half an hour past millions and millions of bones. Here are a few pictures, but they hardly do it justice:




I wondered if they ever have someone just lose it down there. Also, there are people whose job it is to sit down there in the dark all day and supervise the bones. I bet those people have weird dreams at night.

This is not, however, the only underground activity in Paris. You can go on an underground boat ride (previously mentioned).

You can go in the sewers and learn about waste water management in Paris, which we did. Big shocker - it stank.

Also, you can go in the crypts under the Pantheon and see the tombs of all sorts of famous people. Particularly of note was the tomb of Emile Zola, Victor Hugo, and Alexander Dumas. They had really creeped up this room with very atmospheric eerie purple lighting. Other famous dead folks under the Pantheon: Marie Curie, Voltaire, and the guy who invented Braille (Mr. Braille).

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