Monday, September 15, 2003

How time flies

I can't believe I only have 5 days left! That last one doesn't even count because we're just going to the airport.

Let's see...[The Boyfriend] and I have been running around all over the greatest Paris area looking at some incredible stuff. For example, we went to the Centre George Pompidou. Here it is:


It's all inside-out with the airducts and pipes and everything on the outside of the building. The escalators and elevators are also on the outside which makes for a pretty good view on the way up. Inside is a modern art museum where I think I may have seen my favorite piece of art ever. It's an installation piece that looks like a tiny, crappy artist's studio, except there's this catapult contraption in the middle of it and a huge hole in the ceiling. If you peer into the studio, you can see a tiny diorama of the city with a thin silver wire showing a trajectory through the roof of one of the buildings arking into the clouds. All I could do as I looked at the work was grin and think, "He made it; the crazy bastard made it!" So much modern art is just grim. This piece seemed to celebrate the culmination of a grand plan, and it gave me alot of joy. However, like a dumbass, I can't remember the artist or the title. If anyone has any idea what the piece is that I'm talking about, please tell me!

Also, here is a little bit of advice: don't do any of that touristy group tour shit. No matter how cool it sounds, it will suck. The tour bus was crap, but that should have been evident to me up front. I don't know what I was thinking. (Yes I do. I was thinking that I was fucking tired of walking. It still wasn't worth it.) But, there was this boat tour that sounded so cool. It would take you through these underground canals that go under what used to be the Bastille. I couldn't resist. Let me tell you, there isn't much that is eerie or mysterious about chugging through a concrete tunnel with the headlights on while choking on diesel fumes. [The Boyfriend] and I decided that we don't like most people nearly enough to spend three hours stuck on a boat or a bus or whatever with any of them.

OK, I think I'm done spouting. Here are some pretty pictures:

The Jardin du Luxembourg: Definitely my favorite park so far; maybe my favorite thing on the whole trip:


Hall of Mirrors at Versailles:


The Eiffel Tower:


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