Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Learn how to love...and forget how to hate.

Well, I'm back. And real damn depressed about it.

I've returned in the midst of season premieres on T.V., and the extent to which I do not care has brought home to me just how out-of-touch with pop culture I am. For example, it took a trans-Atlantic voyage for me to discover the Osbournes.

Every once in a while we'd be too tired to think and want to watch some T.V. There were (of course) almost no English language programs. Euro Sport was pretty much all in English, so [The Boyfriend] and I ending up watching more ladies' cross-country mountain biking and championship horse-jumping than we ever have in our lives.

I also happened upon the Osbournes one night. It was not dubbed over (although it did have German subtitles; don't ask me why) so I started watching it. You know what? That show is frickin' hilarious!

I'm afraid I might have missed out on the phenomenon completely. Is the show still on anymore? Who was that blonde lady who was always in the house? Do they have some other kid named Aimee? Where the hell is she? Am I the only one of us who thinks this show is funny?