Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The Husband and I had a delightful trip to Ohio a couple of weeks ago. The main reason for the trip was to visit my Sister-in-Law and her new baby - my nephew. Yay! I'm finally an auntie. Poo! The little bugger lives in another state.

Anyway, when we first got there, we headed up to a little resort town on Lake Erie. It was off-season, so everything was very quiet, but the weather was perfect - cool and sunny. We took a ferry over to South Bass Island to check out a small town called Put-In-Bay.

When we got to the island, we realized that the town was on the other side of the island from the ferry dock (the only ferry running in the off-season), so we rented bikes and rode into town. We rode down the street you can see running through this picture. We started quite a ways past the small airstrip in the upper-rightish corner, followed the zig-zag, and entered town somewhere off to the lower-right side of the pic.

While we were there, we visited the Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial.

Here's the town and the bay from waaayy up high on the memorial.

After we were done tooling around the island on our mondo-crappy rental bikes, we drove to the very charming Marblehead Lighthouse.

The next day we took the scenic route down to Athens, stopping at Mohican State Park for lunch and a quick hike.

The first full day we were in Athens we went on an "urban hike" and wandered all around Uptown and the campus of Ohio University. For dinner we went to a really cool hippie co-op Tex Mex restaurant, furthering my quest to eat Tex Mex in as many corners of the world as possible.

The next day we took a scenic train ride with the cutest, most chubby-cheeked baby EVAR!

On our last day in Ohio, we stopped at Hocking Hills State Park, which was unbelievably gorgeous.

And then we came home and my cat's ass exploded.

The End

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