Monday, February 12, 2007

Woe is a Middle Manager

It's been really hard to write lately because I made a promise to myself that, although it's fine to write about work, I wouldn't write about the individual people at work. But, lately everything has revolved around interpersonal drama.

Basically, one person quit with no notice. She had a giant outburst and stomped out. I'm still not sure I know exactly what was going on there with her and her co-workers. The rest of the staff seem to blame me for not fixing the problem sooner. Evidently my magic wand has been on the fritz. Then, another staff member decided not to show up for 3 weeks straight, and we couldn't fire her for reasons I won't go into here.

There's another staff member I have been secretly hoping would just up and quit. She's a wonderful person and very good at her job, but I managed to get off on the wrong foot with her. She's older than me with more experience, and sometimes I really don't have the confidence to be her boss. It would be easier for her to leave than for me to get back on her good side and stop feeling insecure and self-conscious. However, I knew there was no way she was leaving, so I've been busy sucking it up.

UNTIL - today she did just up and quit to take a way better job making more money than I do. At least she gave 2 week's notice. I'm a little disturbed by my awesome mental power of making things come true just by thinking about them.

Fear me.

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