Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My 1/4 Year Resolution

I am committing to finishing the goofy knitting projects I've been dawdling with and starting something really cool by the end of March. Here's where I am right now.

1. Ridiculous Hat. I had this awesome ball of rainbow colored yarn and no idea what to do with it, so I'm inventing a hat and figuring out how to knit in the round.

2. Giant, Shapeless, Very Soft and Fuzzy Sweater. My first attempt at knitting something not for a baby. What you see here is a back and 96% of a front. I still need 2 sleeves and a neck. Somehow it's coming out way too big despite the fact that I could have sworn my gauge was accurate.

So, in conclusion, I shall finish these two projects just in time for it to be too warm to wear them. I shall then start way better projects that will not be complete until it is too cold to wear them.

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Traivor said...

Possible project: Crazy Crochet