Friday, January 04, 2008

Where Do I Send My Resumé?

I'm glad that no one was terribly offended by the Amazon links. I can't imagine they are going to be particularly profitable, but it seemed like an effortless way to maybe make a buck penny or two if I'm going to be writing about and linking to books and stuff anyway.

After I signed up, they sent me an email saying they were going to review my site and let me know if I was accepted. Does this mean that there's a job out there that involves sitting around looking at blogs and websites all day? Why isn't this my job? How can I make it my job?

My own job continues to be the source of much angst, and it's only going to get worse on Monday. Someone's getting voted off the island, and I kind of wish it were me.

3 comments: said...

Wow. I thought government jobs were like, bulletproof. And crazymaking, yes, but wut?

Sparkling Red said...

I think that getting paid to read blogs for 8 hours per day would be the best way to take the fun out of it. :-)

UnrulyDuckling said...

I work for a non-profit, where the jobs tend to be ephemeral more than bulletproof.

Sparkling red, I do believe you've hit upon a frustrating perversity of human nature. Also, I have really enjoyed reading your blog, so I added you to my BlogRoll.

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