Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm a Winner!

Courtesy of Witchypoo, I have received my first blogger award. Behold the True Blue award!

Witchypoo hasn't been blogging very long at her current locale, and I've been reading her at Psychicgeek almost since the beginning. I discovered her by way of a comment at Schmutzie's (also awesome, by the way) and have been reading ever since.

While I'm plugging Canadian bloggers, I would be remiss not to mention Schmutzie's husband, The Palinode. At one point he named me the resident armadillo expert!

Anyway, Witchypoo was my first blog buddy who wasn't also my buddy in real life. And now, she has given me my first blog award.

I am passing the award on to these bloggers who have been my True Blue friends outside of the computer. I only have a blog because I wanted to be part of your ruthless internet gang. Now y'all get to post the award on y'all's blogs and confer it upon those whom you deem worthy.

Serenity Springs
Matt (or whatever he's calling himself on MySpace these days)
Sealegs Sophie McPhearson
Tiffany and Jeff, whose blog links won't work right now. Stupid MySpace. I doubt they read my blog anyway. Stupid not blog readers. (Feel free to leave a comment and prove me wrong.)

And most of all The Husband because he's legally required to be True Blue.

2 comments: said...

You are true blue. Leaving comments on a just started blog. I truly appreciate it.
You may get a bit of traffic. I stumbled you to show off your award.

stu42j said...

I don't get it. Is this award for defending "families and the sanctity of human life", "fighting cloning and destructive embryonic stem cell experimentation, protecting marriage, confirming strict constructionist judges, and defeating special protections for homosexuals."

Do I get frequent flier miles on JetBlue Airlines as my prize?

And what's with the Dolphin? I prefer Penguins, Elephants, and Camels, anyway.