Thursday, April 05, 2007

Not Holding My Breath

As I expect will happen infinity more times, moving into the new house (assuming the purchase goes through) has been delayed by a couple of weeks. The sellers found a house to buy, but they can't move in until the middle of May. Although our closing date is supposed to be April 26, they have requested to rent the house back from us until May 13.

Letting them stay a little longer makes perfect sense for us since we have a lease on our current place until the end of May. There's no reason why we should be paying to have two houses for an entire month. But the impatient, petulant part of me wants to tell them, "No! It's MINE, and you can't have it any more." Of course the kind and reasonable part of me wouldn't dream of putting them out when we have a perfectly good - not to mention paid for - place to stay.

Despite the fact that it's considerate and practical, I'm still disappointed to have to wait a little longer to have the house to ourselves. I've mostly been looking forward to putting in a vegetable garden and doing some landscaping. Maybe they'll let us come play in the yard before they move out if we ask real nice.

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