Monday, April 02, 2007

Almost Home

The sellers of the house agreed to make almost all the repairs we were requesting, including the whole potentially-bursting-into-flame thing. So, the contract is finalized, and closing is set for April 26. This in no way means that we have run out of things that could go wrong.

There could be some claim on the title of the house we are not aware of.

The survey of the lot could reveal that we're on the neighbor's property or they are encroaching on ours.

Our financing could fall through.

Any one of the parties involved could just screw up.

I really want to get excited about this, but I'm walking that fine line between realistic and pessimistic. Until we actually start moving boxes in, I'm going to have a hard time believing that this is actually going to happen.

When we first started looking at houses, the real estate agent gave us a binder with lots of information about the whole process. One of the documents described 110 things that could go wrong. Unfortunately, I figure we can only rule out about half of them at this point.


Dave-o-ramA said...

So wheres abouts is this shroedinger's dream-home?

SerenitySprings said...

Again I say, good luck! Since you're not going to get excited yet, I will do it for you! Already looking forward to the house-awesoming party!

UnrulyDuckling said...

This "shroedinger's dream-home" (Oh, Lordy. That did make me laugh.) is just north of White Rock Lake near the train station.