Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hi There

I thought I'd drink too much and then blog about... you know... stuff.

First of all, the 5th and final season of Angel SUCKED. Some of the worst television EVAR! It was never as good as Buffy, so it doesn't feel like the kind of betrayal that the last season of Buffy was, but still, stink-er-roo.

However, courtesy of Netflix, I got a sneak peak at the pilot episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. This has the potential to be some awesome TV. Somehow the pilot managed to be both edgy and idealistic at the same time. I love kick-ass, feel-good TV.

Anyway, I was going to blog about the wine I drink, but all I had were left-overs. I highly recommend Zenato Pinot Grigio, but if you leave a half-drunk bottle in the fridge for a few weeks, not so much. I am about to start a new experiment. I had some money left over from my birthday, so I spent it on a case of wine at Central Market. (If you buy six or more bottles, they give you 10% off.) My only criteria for choosing which bottles I bought was that they cost $10 or less. I'll let you know how it turns out.

So, I'm wondering if it counts as drinking alone if someone else is there, but they're not drinking. If it does, I probably have a problem. It's strange, though, that I can have a couple of glasses of wine with dinner at a restaurant, and it doesn't faze me. However, a couple of glasses at home and I'm all but howling at the moon. Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

Also, although I can not confirm it conclusively online, it appears that Dallas and several of the surrounding cities have ordinances against snow-cone stands. If you ever thought that Dallas sucks, now you know it's true. When I really want a snow-cone I drive down Beltline into Carrollton over by the Sack n Save and the Vietnamese food restaurants. Rainbow is the best, but coconut is good, too. When Amy Ackers character changes into Illyria, she reminds me of coconut snow-cones.

It finally rained over here tonight. There was thunder and lightening and it was awesome. I love storms, although I often have nightmares about tornados. They're always about seeing tornados all around me and scrambling to find shelter. But the storms are always over by the time I find a place to hide, and then everything is beautiful and clear and smells like laundry. Does that reveal a sickening level of mental health, or what?

Lucky me, I just found a bottle of Fu-Ki plum wine in the fridge. How old is that? I don't even remember when someone brought that over. It still tastes the same, which I'm not taking as a good sign.

Hey! Weren't we going to have some sort of vegetable festival? That kind of rhymes. I think that's what we should call it. I have lots of vegetarian recipes, and I like to act like I can cook, so I think we should do that pretty soon.

Well, I just finished the last episode of Angel, and WTF? Seriously, I sat through an entire shit season for that? And what the hell happened to Lorne? He just rode off into the sunset. I don't think so. He's the only one I really cared about by the end. Maybe I missed something, but hey, wine is better than Angel.

Also, I like it when my cat yawns and meows at the same time.

I used to have rats as pets, and they were some of the sweetest little animals. The first one I got was named Frisky, and he was white with pink eyes. He originally belonged to my brother, but my brother was a pretty little kid and didn't want to take care of him. Frisky died of cancer despite my dad's best efforts. My dad actually did surgery on my little rat to try to fix him. He's a good dad. My second rat's name was Ziggy - a black rat. He died of cancer, too. Evidently, rats are very prone to cancer, which is one reason why labs like to do experiments on them. My third rat was an impulse buy after watching an episode of Crocodile Hunter about rats in Australia. Evidently, they are HORRIBLE. Anyway, I went to the pet store with my roommate and got a tan and white rat. He looked so sad and lonely, though, on the way home that we turned around and got another black and white one. Their names were Rats Domino and Minnesota Rats. Because I thought I was clever.

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Dave-o-ramA said...

I actually thought it was better than the other seasons of Angel. Almost no whiny-ass Ross, or Connor, or Chandler, or whatever that mopey motherscratcher's name was. Seriously, two of the funniest episodes of the series (The Girl in Question, and Smile Time) came from that season. I kinda liked Illyria. Spike/Harmony are always good for a laugh. Actually, Harm's Way was awesome too. The Cautonary Tale of Numero Cinco did rock rather well, too.

But you never liked Spike, did you?