Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Duckling Drinks Bordeaux

Chateau* Grand-Jean
2005 Entre-Deux-Mers
$9.99 at Central Market

I had to do some research on this one because I have to admit that I am completely flummoxed by French wines. This is a white wine from Entre-Deux-Mers, a minor region of Bordeaux. White wines from this area are generally made with a blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. This one happens to be a 50/50 blend.

The first thing I noticed was an appley aroma. The wine is quite acidic and sharp on the tongue. I tend to have trouble finding the vocabulary to describe dry white wines, but I tasted hints of hay, lemon, sea-salt, and pineapple. I've never seen anyone else use "sea-salt" to describe a wine, so I suspect there's another, more common word for that slightly bitter, mineral taste - maybe "flinty." I see that word a lot, but I'm not quite sure what it means. I, however, am going with "salty." Anyway, after really rolling it around in my mouth, I thought I picked up a little bit of sweet, peach flavor.

Overall, I don't really care for this wine. I'm not a fan of really dry whites, so it might be good for those of you who enjoy that kind of thing. It was perfectly fine to sip and think about, but I won't be buying more of it.

*There are a bunch of accent marks and triangly things that go over certain letters throughout this post, but I can't be bothered.

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SerenitySprings said...

I wanna drink wine with you. You make it sound like one would imagine it should be described.