Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just Call Me Farmer Duckling

The Husband and I spent most of the last two weekends putting in a new flower bed.

First we had to break ground.

Just digging up this perimeter resulted in two wheelbarrows full of grass and dirt.

It turns out that The Husband and I kind of suck at digging, so we brought in his mom for some expert help. With her assistance we cleared the bed in a few hours.

Yesterday, we got to do the easy part: plant stuff.

These plants have barely been surviving for the past couple of years in pots that were too small and enduring much neglect, just biding their time until they could put down real roots. The Husband bought several of these plants for me on my first birthday after we were married. He grew the Eve's Necklace from seed. The plan all along was to put these plants in the ground when we had a home of our own.


-S- said...

I know the Duranta and Sage were from your birthday. And maybe the Purple Coneflower? I guess not that much survived. I can't remember what else was in that original group.

UnrulyDuckling said...

Also the sage.