Friday, September 07, 2007

Random Photo Friday - Wilderness Edition

Today's Random Photo was taken by The Husband as we drove down Mt. Scott at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in October 2005.

We spent about four days tromping around in the wilderness, eating s'mores, and looking at hairy animals. I know the photo above doesn't hold much visual interest for anyone who wasn't there, so let's spice up this post with the hairy animals.

Prairie dog: small and cute

Buffalo (Bison?): big and kind of intimidating

Anyway, we spent one day hiking and got terribly lost. The trail map provided by the refuge was a joke, but even if we had bought a topographical map, I'm not sure either one of us would have had much luck reading it, especially since we forgot to bring a compass. We still had fun climbing around on the rocks and eating our lunch while overlooking a majestic Oklahoma vista.

Once we'd had enough fun and lunch and majestic vistas, we gave up trying to relocate the trail and started heading back. We weren't 100% confident where "back" was, but we had a vague notion that we were walking in the right general direction. As we were starting to get frustrated, knowing we were close to the path to our car but still not able to find it, we both suddenly stopped and looked at each other. The Husband and I had both recognized the same weed in an entire grassland and were able to use it as a landmark to navigate back to the parking lot.

I guess we developed some sort of botanical marital mind-meld when put to the test. It was a good thing, too, because I was really starting to worry that we'd have to spend the night with the buffalo/bison.

Majestic, huh?

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