Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Duckling Drinks Beaujolais-Villages Blanc

Louis Jadot, Château des Jacques
Grand Clos de Loyse
2001 Beaujolais, Villages Blanc
Central Market, $15.69

The first whiff of this stuff was discouraging to say the least. Some tasting notes I found on the internet described it as "pure chard." I describe it as canned green beans.

However, if you can hold your nose long enough to take a sip, the flavors are wonderful. This wine was sweet and creamy with tastes of peach and vanilla with a hint of the brightness of lemon and a little bit of toasted marshmallow. I couldn't stop rolling it around in my mouth tasting all the different aspects.

As long as your nose isn't too sensitive to get over the scent, I'd definitely recommend this one.

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