Monday, December 17, 2007

Ten Artists

This game was floating around my little corner of the internet before I embarked on my own blogular adventures. Now's my chance to play, too.


1. Open a music player.
2. Add all your music.
3. Hit shuffle/repeat/randomize.
4. Find photos of the first 10 artists/bands that come up (no repeats and no cheating).
5. Have people guess who the artists/bands are.
6. Paste this in your journal/blog and do it too, so I can have fun guessing as well.












stu42j said...

Man, I suck. I thought this would be easy for me considering our "Super" musical compatibility rating on the Taste-o-meter. Other than the obvious 8 & 10, I could maybe make one or two guesses but I really don't know.

Traivor said...

Man, if stu can only be sure of 2 of them, I might as well throw my guesses in the ring.

1. (total guess) Elliot Smith
2. Aerosmith
3. (total guess) Anni Difranco (Did I even spell that right?)
4. (total guess, considered flipping with 3) Aimee Mann
5. Absolutely No Idea
6. Even less than absolutely no idea
7. (Hm, foreground guy might have been in a shred off with Colbert) The Decemberists
8. The Beatles
9. No clue, but the dude either has a cold or the red background has really fucked up the color balance.
10. Haven't the foggiest, but it's a pretty sweet picture.

[excuses]Note how I did not go searching the tubes to verify my guesses. Also note how when I posed this game way on back I provided clues at reader's requests. Consider this a reader's request. Finally note that, unlike stu, we match "Very Low" on[/excuses]

Cate Monster said...

I guess Ani for number 10.

stu42j said...

Your spelling is close, traivor but your guess is way off. cate is right, Ani DiFranco is totally number 10.

UnrulyDuckling said...

2. Aerosmith
8. The Beatles
10. Ani Difranco

Some clues. Feel free to engage the google-fu.

1. Is a woman. In fact, she's a top selling Tupperware lady.

3.Canadian songstress, whose "Canadian Bush Party" I highly recommend.

4. "Kitten Force" Also, just for The Husband: You're the one who introduced me to her, but I don't listen to her much because I think she's whiney.

5. Read the copyright warning at the beginning of your DVDs for a clue to their identity.

6. "Forgers of Fortune" They're Australian, and they're awesome, but I don't have much more background than that. Also, they evidently were in Austin on October 4th, and I missed it.

7. They really are going the distance. Too bad they're never there.

9. He is on Ani Difranco's label, evidently without his bowl of fire.

stu42j said...

Ah hah, I thought that snotty nose dude looked familiar. That would be Andrew Bird (9).

stu42j said...

Ok, using your hints now (and a little "research"), I believe I have them all. I'll save my answers for later though because I really should be working.

BTW, Andrew Bird only released one album on Righteous Babe. They seem to have several artists who do one album and then move to a different label. I wonder what is up with that.

stu42j said...

1) Phranc - Do you have any Phranc albums? I only see one track on the server.

2) Aerosmith

3) Kinnie Starr (Ringo's daughter, I suppose ;)

4) Cat Power - Unfortunately, whiney doesn't narrow it down much. I 100 free eMusic credits to download a couple of her albums because I kept hearing she was cool (and she was featured in an eMusic magazine ad). I didn't really like much of it though.

5) Interpol

6) The Lucksmiths (tough one)

7) Cake

8) The Beatles

9) Andrew Bird

10) Ani (F'n) DiFranco