Saturday, March 17, 2007

What the Hell, Liver?

Last night I went to a pub with the lovely Sealegs Sophie and that charming curmudgeon Traivor. I admit I was fully intending to push my blood alcohol level up past the legal driving limit, but somehow things got out of control. After about a bottle of wine I had to get Sealegs to fill out my credit card receipt for me because I had lost the ability to write the number 5.

Once I got home, I lost consciousness fell asleep on the bathroom floor - the downstairs bathroom. I couldn't make it upstairs. Even on the Night of the Handlebar Mustache I managed to go upstairs and get in bed, and there was a lot of tequila involved that time.

Now, I know a whole bottle is quite a bit to drink in one sitting, but I've had an entire bottle of wine before while just waiting for people to show up to a party. There was no reason for the sloppiness of last night over 5 glasses of wine.

Liver, you let me down.

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