Saturday, September 02, 2006

Seriously, Just Don't

Tequila shooters. Are they ever a good idea? Probably not, but if you do decide to go there regurgitation is going to be your friend. Do it early and often. You'll thank yourself in the morning.

And, after 9 tequila shots (I could have sworn it was only 7) trust me, your husband is so not "getting laid" despite your drunken bravado. However, if you take my advice and chunder mightily before you go to bed, you may just wake up without a fatal hangover in the morning, much to your surprise. And "Oh, thank the lord, I'M ALIVE!" sex is pretty damn good.

If you're going to quaff the Mexican madness, at least take advantage of the liquor-inspired self confidence and be sure to have your picture taken with a really awesome mustache guy.

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sealegs said...

Geraldo lives!