Monday, March 26, 2007

Jinxing It

A couple of weeks ago The Husband and I started house-hunting. I thought this would be great blog-fodder. However, the story has worked out something like this:

We looked at houses.
We picked a house.
We made an offer on a house.
The owners of the house accepted our offer to buy their house.

This house to be exact.

Everything has gone bewilderingly smoothly. Of course now we have a month of suspense to live through, waiting on inspections and financing and whatnot. Let me throw caution to the wind and take you on a tour of our chickens before they hatch.

Here's our soon-to-be front porch.

The front room and formal dining

The den

Also the den

The kitchen

The master bedroom

The best part: the party porch

That brown thing in the lower right? That's the corner of the 8-person hot tub.

In the interest of full disclosure, none of this is our furniture or decor, of course. We don't have nearly enough belongings to furnish this place. The first thing I intend to purchase is a bar for the party porch, unless you count the fancy ice bucket I acquired this weekend in anticipation. It came with a tong caddy!

May you all have many happy hours enjoying the party porch and the tong caddy. (Keep your fingers crossed.)

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