Monday, September 11, 2006

IQ (Instant Quacking)

I'm trying out the new meebo me widget, which you can see over there to the right. I use meebo to handle my various IM accounts, and if I'm signed in there, you can use the widget to send me an IM directly from the blog. I have no idea if it will be useful or convenient, but it seemed like a cool idea, so there you go.

You can put in whatever name you want where it says "edit nick" (that was not readily apparent to me at first) and then type an IM like usual. The only problem with using meebo is that it can't tell when the computer is idle, so if I forget to manually set my status to "away" you may think I'm ignoring you, but really I just wandered away. Don't take it personally.


Anonymous said...

You should try using Kool IM.

UnrulyDuckling said...

Why do you think it's better?