Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yield. To. Ramp. Mother. Fucker.

You may have noticed these things called "signs." They are intended to provide you with instructions to follow as you are driving. For example, if a "sign" states "Yield to Ramp" that means if you are driving down the access road, and a car is coming down the exit ramp (as referenced on said "sign") to join you on the access road, you will be expected to *yield* to that car.

If you don't know what yield means, I am not going to explain it to you. Please turn in your drivers license and proceed to purchase a comfortable pair of walking shoes. I don't even want to see you on a bicycle. A bicycle might dent my car when I run over your non-yielding ass.


Sharrrrron said...

That's what was really nice about taking the train to work. It may have taken longer to get there but everyone HAD to yield to my vehicle or they would die. My pet peeve in "morning" (around 9:30) traffic is there is always some lame motherfucker going 55-60 in the far left lane causing a traffic jam.

female canuck said...

LOL! I love this title!!!! Bravo.