Monday, July 24, 2006

The Enbloggening Begins

I'’m not sure why it seems fitting that my first post should be about how lame I am. I was all excited about hanging out and watching Dr. Who on Saturday night. What did I do instead? Fell asleep. Why didn't anyone call me? Traivor* did. My cell phone was out of batteries.

I just got this new phone, and I felt all cool and shit to have a color screen and a camera, but the battery doesn'’t seem to last long enough. It doesn't really matter how awesome my phone is if it never works. Not that this phone is awesome except relative to my old one. It was free, which probably explains the crapitude.

However, the awesomest phone in the whole world will never make up for how lame I tend to be. I have a really good reason, but that's another post.

*Is that your preferred webonym? What's the etiquette when calling someone by name?


Sharrrrrrron said...

I alternate btwn real names and screen names. Depends on what I'm writing about, if I'm being silly, etc. Haroldina is another pseudonym for Traivor. He LOVES it.

SerenitySprings said...

When I'm talking to David I always refer to Sharon as either Share-Own or Sophie Sealegs. I always call Harold Hair-Ald. Or Haroldina, because like Share-Own said, that's his most favoritist name EVAR.

Traivor said...

If I have reason to believe the person really doesn't want their real name used I'll stick with their pseudonym. Otherwise I go with whatever the mood suggests.

By all means, call me Traivor, Harold, Haroldina (I hate you all), or Jackass.

Plug the phone in next time. You missed some awfully spiffy DW.