Sunday, July 30, 2006

I shall make you a star!

Like any proud mother of an exceptionally beautiful fur-baby, I want the world to see how precious my little Dizzy-wizzy boo boo head truly is. I have submitted Dizzy's picture to Cute Overload. If they post her picture, she really will be famous. The site has been written up in everything from the Washington Post to Entertainment Weekly. For April Fool's Day this year Slashdot featured them, and the tagline for the day was, "OMG!!! Ponies!!!"

Here's the photo I sent in:

My second choice was this one:

What do you think? Should I send in the second one?

Anyway, Cute Overload isn't all fluffy bunnies and jelly beans. It cracks my shit up, too. This post just about gave me an aneurysm. This lady found a baby possum in her toilet in the middle of night. She speculates what would have happened if she hadn't discovered the possum before she sat down.
"What if I didn't turn on the light? I hardly ever turn on the light at night to pee. What if I went to pee and it brushed against my butt? Or if i was wiping and it touched my hand? Karen thinks that I would have thought I had a opossum baby, which is possible. Then we would have to name him Jesus and it would be a miracle to be investigated by the church."
Here are a few more of my favorites:

Orangutans? Cute? You wouldn't think so. You'd be wrong.

Chihuahua puppies = cute.

OMG! Kitten belly!

Just try not to overload on the cute.


SerenitySprings said...

I think you should send the second one in too. It's quite adorable.

Sharon said...

I'm more partial to the first one; it has paw action.