Friday, October 20, 2006

Warning: Too Disgusting for Anyone to Read

I've been gone a long time, getting ready to go out of town, being out of town, swabbing my cat's ruptured anal gland with peroxide. Oh yeah, I've been getting alot of not-so-HOTT anal action (sorry to disappoint you perverted Googlers out there).

When The Husband and I came home from our trip late last Friday night, Dizzy seemed fine. But over the weekend, she got punier and punier. She just lied in the same place all day. On Monday when I got home from work, she didn't even get up to come see me. But later that night, she made her way downstairs whining and wanting to be held. That's when I discovered the gaping wound on her backside.

Of course I freaked out and called my dad immediately. (He's a vet. I don't call him on a regular basis to update him on the state of my cat's butt.) He said it sounded like an abscess from the way I described it, which is usually caused by a bite. I started wondering what the hell C (the wonderful, trusty, volunteer cat sitter. Thanks, C!) was doing biting my poor cat on the ass while I was out of town.

I took off work on Tuesday to take Dizzy to the vet, and it turned out that her anal gland had gotten infected, which is probably why she was feeling so crappy, and then it ruptured, letting out the infection and making Dizzy feel better, even though it looks utterly gross.

In addition to the butt-swabbing, I also have to give Dizzy a pill once a day. Not to minimize Sophie Sealegs's nail-trimming accomplishments, but I have managed to give the cat her pill unassisted and with no major injuries on either of our parts. The next challenge: to brush her teeth on a regular basis.

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