Monday, June 02, 2008


I ditched my friends and their invitation to pub trivia on Sunday to "work in my yard." Except it was true! Look.

We planted Salvia:

Some mystery plant that didn't have a tag on it and we forgot what it was by the time we got it home:

White Mealy Sage:

Verbena (which looked pretty much D-E-A-D with a capital D a few hours later. I watered it, so we'll see.)


We planted some other things, too, but they don't have flowers yet. Pictures of leaves are pretty boring, so I didn't bother. A couple of things we planted earlier are looking lovely, however.


Bee Balm:

Other Lantana:

Poppies: (Just for decoration. No heroin manufacturing going on here. No, siree!)

And, Cosmos:

Still to come: photos of Ireland and the vegetable garden that ate Dallas.

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