Thursday, May 27, 2004

I'm here - in London

I don't know why, but I'm not feeling too motivated to write much about London so far. It's no Paris, that's for sure. I can't really identify the difference. I guess London seems more modern. There are skyscrapers in the city proper and lots of cranes and construction going on. Paris has made a real effort to keep the city central picturesque and historical. Also, the traffic seems even worse here, and it was cRaZy in Paris, so that's saying alot. There's also quite a cultural difference. This morning in the reception room Everybody Loves Raymond was on the TV; yesterday the tour guide at the Tower made joke about KFC; and there are Starbucks on every corner. Just that right there would probably make the French throw up.

Anyway, I know I'm not going to come close to seeing everything I'd like to. However, the sights that I've seen have been incredible. I've been to the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the British Museum, the Tate Modern art museum, and St.Paul's Cathedral. Unfortunately, St. Paul's is being restored, so the interior was not very impressive, but I climbed up all the stairs into the dome (it seems like I go all over Europe just to climb up stairs and look at things from up high) and got a great view of the city. It is such a crowded jumble of buildings. Not much is distinctive about the skyline.

I wanted to put some pictures here of what I've been looking at, but this computer service really sucks. It will only let me open one window, so I can't look stuff up on Google and edit this post at the same time. I guess you'll have to look them up yourself if you care.

I've written an awful lot for someone who isn't motivated to write anything, so I suppose I'm done now.

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